Ukuleles Make Me Happy

Listen to Ralph Shaw playing on his ukulele and he’ll make you happy.

Creators of the movie A-Team must have been impressed with him – they got him down last October for a bit-part in their new movie which my husband and I went to see in last evening.  Ralph came up in an early scene, unexpectedly and too briefly.

I didn’t know that he was a movie star 🙂 when I called him last Fall and asked him to perform at our son’s wedding.  That son, and his fiance’, belonged to his ukelele group which meets in Vancouver for an evenings’ entertainment and some coaching.

When said son suggested that we get a ukelele player to perform at their reception, I thought the idea was a little silly, but I took one look at his YouTube performances and I knew we had to have him, and, as I told Ralph later, I’d do something desperate if he couldn’t perform for us.

His performance was absolutely perfect, and it warms my heart to remember how much fun it was.  It seems we were only left with an 11-second clip of some of the children twirling to his first song. I think North Americans would be a lot happier and healthier if we put down our cellphones (waiting for something to happen) and picked up a quite-portable ukulele (and make it happen).   I know that when our son and fiance’ were playing their instruments together at the beach last summer, it automatically felt like a party.

Our first child started guitar lessons in first grade (which I later learned was a bit early as a music teacher said they seem to burn out early), and he did very well.  He was tired of it by Grade 9, but now, as the father of three, he can still pick it up and impress his kids.  We couldn’t afford a piano, and decided for a guitar because of price and opportunity for future use, but we never thought of a ukelele.  Talk about portable!

Even if your child doesn’t turn out to be a musical prodigy, giving him/her some musical training is a wonderful gift to build on for a lifetime.  Maybe nix some of the toys at Christmas that’ll be forgotten in a week, and replace them with an instrument and lessons. Have a listen to Ralph’s clips and see if they don’t make you smile 🙂 !!!!!! Love’ya Ralph!

P.S.  Click for more songs here.

Ralph Shaw in \”I Just Wish I Was in Love\”

Go here to see Ralph Shaw’s website

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