The Queen’s Cows

If raw milk is so bad for you, why has the royal family always had it and thrived on it???

Whole, fresh, pure raw milk, outlawed in Canada, is sold in England as “Green Top” and has not injured the public health.  Royals are recorded as using it for 500 years, and the queen’s own herdsman says that when Princes William and Harry were at Eaton, he “would bottle up some milk from the Ayrshire herd every day and run it over to them.”

When my daughter tried to provide raw milk for her children, the problem came to my attention, as anyone trying to access it was almost considered a criminal.  She had to go across the border into Washington State to a farm that could provide what she needed.  Her children thrived on it!  The other children who were on it were also blossoming!

Influenced by a book that my naturopath recommended when our son had leukemia in the mid-eighties, I tried to go away from store-bought milk and I ran into similar dairy-monopoly control problems.

I was ordering a whey milk product from the states, and one time the order was held up for weeks because the packaging had a drawing of a COW on it!  You wouldn’t want anyone to mistake it for a milk product, apparently.

Why do we allow the government to overstep itself?

Governments got into the business of pasteurization when it appeared to be needed, as people who were dirty and ill were doing milking.  Time has passed and we know about germs, we know about refrigeration.  We’re not in the dark ages, and we’re buying a product that has the nutrition cooked and pounded (homogenization) out of it.

If we chose to drink milk, we should be able to drink the real thing, not some shadow of itself.  I’d say that Queen Elizabeth II, England’s oldest and longest reigning monarch, looks rather wonderful and keeps up with a grueling schedule.  If she’s living on raw milk – BRING IT ON!

You might be interested in this opinion on pasteurization.

Listen to Dr. Weston A. Price’s Video for the shocking results of today’s eating habits.

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