Shakes Save the Day

Suffering from the effects of 4th-stage cancer which originated in his prostate, my close relative has taken to his bedroom over the living room.

His formerly large appetite has decreased, but he still knows a bad meal when it’s given to him.

When we left last time, I made a Herbalife-protein “smoothie” for him with the fruits that were in their freezer, with a dollop of ice cream.  He said he liked it, but it’s been four weeks and I wasn’t sure if he’d been getting them.

I just found out today that that’s about all he’s asking for – his “shakes,” which, for an 85-year-old, is a more familiar name than “smoothie.”

Whatever you name it, it’s a fantastic answer to a quick meal, healthy nutrition for young or old while sick, recuperating from surgery, and the dying.

Scoop the protein (amount to the individual’s needs and the size of the drink) – about one scoop per four ounces.  You might consider starting with a smaller amount of powder at first to get the person used to the additional taste.  Throw a scoop of our powdered Herbal Aloe for it’s anti-bacterial and healing benefits to the entire digestive tract, and whole body.

I’m only sad that it’s taken 22 years to get my loved one to love “my” shake.  Please give it a try, and don’t wait until it’s too late.  Good protein is sorely lacking in the body.  Soy helps with iron intake and the protein will also improve:

  • the entire “shell” of the body: hair, nails, skin
  • muscle retention (be sure to keep up water intake to retain muscle, also)
  • nervous system
  • digestion

Our proteins are really delicious in the shakes, and I’m going to take him our protein soups also.  For those, just open the envelope, add about 6 oz of hot water to the powder in a mug or bowl, and add sauteed vegetables if in the bowl if you want.  Or use the high-protein soup as a gravy.

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The shakes, click here.

Other protein quick-snacks, click here.

I’d love to add our nutrition (vitamins, et al) to his shakes/smoothies and see him completely cured, but in reality, if we can make him feel better, be less weak, succumb to fewer drugs that make him behave unlike himself, we’ll be content.

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