Sensible Weight Loss Thinking

Your appetite will decrease if your body knows it has the nutrition to survive.  It’s all controlled through the appestat in the brain.

Stop!  Don’t leave, it’s not complicated, really.

If I could show you a way to get your complete and balanced nutrition: protein, carbohydrates, oils, vitamins and minerals and micro-nutritients, along with herbs that will cleanse the gunk out of your villi and intestines to decrease your appetite, would you be interested?

The concept is so simple and easy to use.  It’s incredibly economical because you don’t feel like eating junk food and you don’t feel like eating as much as before!  Your energy increases because your nutrients are being absorbed.  If your cells are getting fed, you will have, not only energy, but better health.

Target products help you lose excess fluid that help you carve down those love-handles that take up sizes, but not a lot of weight.  My story is that I actually gained five pounds of muscle tone and lost almost two sizes.  I know it sounds crazy, but my pear-shaped body needed fixing, so I gained upper-body strength and lost in the pant size.

I confess that twenty-two years later, I’ve been a little complacent and I knew I had to trim up again, this time more in the middle.  When I decided to step-it-up, I hit the products with a goal, and the results, again, are incredible  (soon I’m going to have to update my site-photo).

Don’t make things complicated during weight loss.  You don’t have to start with a big program; if you can’t afford it, just start with the protein shakes and Cell Activator, add Cell-U-Loss (for fluid loss) later and our metabolism boosters later – whenever you can.  If you purchase a wholesale kit, you’re always invited to save another 35-42% discount.  Your wholesale discount can go as high as 50% if you want to share the program with other people.

Make a resolution to take charge of your own life today.  I work with people anywhere in the world (but only in English 🙂  )

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About Margo

Margo Linder has over 24 years experience helping clients ( gain better health with her products. She is a busy mother of ten (19 - 39) and grandmother of seventeen, who enjoys reading, sewing painting and interior design. Margo writes as if passing on bits of information to her very large family of children, their spouses and grandchildren - and anyone else who might be listening. She will explore how small life changes (tweaks) will make a huge difference to enjoyment of life and general well-being. The World Health Organization defines health in terms of complete physical, social and mental/psychological well-being. So this is about the "whole" person. She emphasizes that she is not a health professional or scientist, but offers food-for-thought from life experience, her health business and their scientists, her own research and common sense.
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