Quick Fix for Jellyfish Stings

Updated August 10th …

Our son’s girlfriend was stung by a Portuguese man-o-war jellyfish on Monday …

By the time I saw her, she was sitting on the floor and wimpering – her back was reddish with white welts and she was holding her heart as if she was having a panic attack.  Since she has an allergy to mosquito bites, I wisked her off to an emergency and had a nice wait.

Doctor’s recommendation?

If stung by a jellyfish, use VINEGAR to neutralize the area and do NOT go into a shower.  The fresh water will ACTIVATE the NEUROTOXINS, sending the toxins into the body where the tentacles were on the skin.

He put a cream on the area, covered with a gel bandage and off she went.  He said the worse thing was probably her fear of the event, which did trigger a slight panic attack.

So –

  • try to stay calm
  • don’t go into a shower or rinse with tap water
  • DO put vinegar over any area that might have been affected
  • if you do use ice, be sure it doesn’t melt onto the skin – use a ice pack over a cloth

Strange thing is … there are lots of us (including children) in the same waters much more often and we haven’t been stung, so you can’t allow this possibility ruin a great time.

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