Phones and Sex?

The radio news commentator thought she was cute this morning when she read that people who have iPhones have more sex – then clarified that it was more sex partners (up to 12) – I thought we were in a more enlightened place now … THAT’S not a joke!

Twelve partners means a person has actually shared with 4,095 people!  C.Everett Koop, M.D. and former U.S. Surgeon General said,

“When you have sex with someone, you are having sex with everyone they have had sex with for the last ten years, and everyone they and their partners have had sex with for the last ten years.”

The Alan Guttmacher Institute backed that up when they said that, “Many teenagers, as well as adults, are indirectly exposed to more than one sexual partner each year because their partner has had sex with someone else.”

Most health departments will recommend monogamy as the best practice to reduce sexually transmitted diseases – but they know that people who only have “one mate at a time” are really serial monogamists, and are not entirely free from risk.

Obviously, a lifelong commitment to only one person is a wonderful solution.

I know people say it’s impractical, but as long as it’s a joke to say on the radio that it’s somehow COOL to sleep around with lots of people, we’re not even TRYING to improve public health.  Kids listening to the radio absorb and imitate the loose-talk … even Sports Illustrated is starting to play into the youth demographic with some of their written quips.

People fail, but we don’t need to push them into lifestyles that can cause so much mental and physical suffering.

How bad have things gotten that governments have to mandate shots for little girls against a disease that’s caused by multiple sex partners!!!

Coincidentally, one of my daughters just told me this morning that her child’s dentist told her how just sharing a DRINK with someone changes your OWN mouth’s flora, so it will NEVER be the same.  Imagine that if you’d slept with 20 people, you’d really have been with 1,048,575 strangers and their diseases.  Not so funny?

How many people have seen these numbers??  Do the schools include this information??  Would parents??

I sure hope that YOU will –

Share this YouTube song with YOUR child:

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