New Product: Secret Weapon to Control Your Appetite and Lose Inches

I’m doing fine losing the winter inches; I have to look my best at my daughter’s wedding in July (most of you have at least one wedding to go to, one reunion, where you want to look great, right?).

What luck!!! We have a new product is like a secret weapon for us!

  • Want to control your appetite and walk by food instead of sampling?
  • Want to get through those first really hard days without slipping and disappointing yourself?
  • Want to lose weight first where you really carry it, the middle for men and usually lower for women?

This product is so new that we don’t even have it in Canada where I am, so I have to order it to a family member’s home and get it next week – but I’m really excited, because I know that it’ll be great.  I know how to eat, but things just get in my way while I move around the kitchen.  Like I say, I’ve been good, but I need the willpower to do more.

Listen to two doctors with our company describe the product.  The video starts with a quick spot ad on the product, but continues with the doctors.

Customers in the United States can get the product now, contact me to order it through

The password is “gethealthy,” which will open up the prices on the pages.

Lose more inches and control your appetite with the new powdered product, created by Herbalife, which is added to protein shakes to deliver necessary nutrition, plus the control you need to avoid the temptation to eat empty or excess calories.

Email me at

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t lose the weight you want to lose and be so healthy you won’t believe it – have more energy and be radiant!  Don’t be saggy and baggy with weight loss.  Use this nutritional approach and your yo-yo diet days will be over forever.


About Margo

Margo Linder has over 24 years experience helping clients ( gain better health with her products. She is a busy mother of ten (19 - 39) and grandmother of seventeen, who enjoys reading, sewing painting and interior design. Margo writes as if passing on bits of information to her very large family of children, their spouses and grandchildren - and anyone else who might be listening. She will explore how small life changes (tweaks) will make a huge difference to enjoyment of life and general well-being. The World Health Organization defines health in terms of complete physical, social and mental/psychological well-being. So this is about the "whole" person. She emphasizes that she is not a health professional or scientist, but offers food-for-thought from life experience, her health business and their scientists, her own research and common sense.
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  1. Debbie says:

    I received my Prolessa Duo and started to use it today! I will let you know more in a few days!

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