My New iPhone 4 S

As wonderful as the iPhone looked, I managed to resist the allure until today, when I decided it was time to add this tool to my electronic arsenal.

My son-in-law got me into Apple with the eMac, which we still have in the house and it works fine.  Didn’t have such good luck with the iMac – I loved the machine but I didn’t replace the fan when they did a recall and so I was out of luck.  Then I went to the Mac notebook, which has been a workhorse!  But the iPhone, my fear of exposure to Radio Frequency Energy was a large reason that I hesitated.  All these phones have that problem to varying degrees, but one with so many apps how could I avoid over-exposure?

If you ask your local cell phone sales people about the ratings of smartphones, they get a glazed look in their eyes as if they’d never heard of the issue, but none-the-less, I’ve nagged my iPhone-packing kids to be careful.

In extremely small print in a tiny “Important Product Information Guide” booklet enclosed in the stylish Apple box I found the information that should be in large print: how to decrease exposure to the frequency.

Generally applicable to all these phones, it mentions that the SAR, or “Specific Absorption Rate,” is the rate that the body absorbs RF (radio frequency) energy.

The iPhone in particular, at least the 4-S they say, “may be lower than the maximum SAR levels,” adjusting radio transmission to the lowest level necessary to communicate with the wireless network.

Some practical safety tips from Apple:

1. When carrying iPhone, keep it 1.5 cm (5/8 inch) or more away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the maximum levels.

2. Avoid cases with metal parts.

3. Exposure to RF energy is related to time and distance.  If you are concerned about RF exposure, decrease your total talk time on iPhone and increase your distance to iPhone by using one of the many hands-free options available, including the built-in speakerphone, the supplied headphones with built-in mic, or other third-party accessories.

4.  Use your speaker feature on cells and cordless home phones so you can hold the phone away from the head … and with the iPhone, you can use the enclosed earbud for calls with a speaker basically hidden in the wire.  My brother-in-law (smart guy) never knew the speaker was there!

Obviously, if you’re supposed to carry it 5/8 inch from your body, many of the pockets that guys use in their pants or over their hearts, might contribute to future health issues – not that much padding there …  better to put it in a bag?

Last Christmas, I gave each of our kids a retro phone receiver that can be plugged into a computer or cell phone.  I just about died laughing when my daughter answered a call by pulling that huge red receiver out of her purse when we were in a store shopping.  She did get the looks as I tried to control my laughter.  Well, she was about nine months pregnant and we were in Toys R Us, so I guess they just thought she was being super careful.

I do wish all my kids would be so careful, and I’m going to be equally careful … which suddenly brings someone to mind … my sister had to have part of her ear cut away because of a small tumor that developed on her – telephoning side, of course I’m paranoid!!!

Another one of my posts includes a warning of home cordless phones.  Do your research and please don’t expose your loved ones to these dangerous frequencies that zap the immune system.

Which might be a good time to mention that the immune system can only hold up if you give your body the fluid and foods/nutrition that it needs, every day.

Being obsessed with games and do-dads, and work is no excuse to abuse your body, which won’t take it for long.  To help make up for nutritional deficiencies, we’ve always depended on the Herbalife nutritional products because of their quality and reasonable prices.

Go to my site,, use the code, “gethealthy,” and send me a message there if you’re ready to Get Healthy!

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