Feeling Stuffed?

Ever wonder why we’re able to eat so much over the holidays?

Is it the incredible turkey , ham or prime rib?

Mom’s great stuffing recipe?

The mashed potatoes, candied yams, asparagus, peas, creamed onions … yum-m-m!

Actually, it’s likely all of the above, but not for the reason you think.

Go for it if you want to splurge over the holidays, but if you don’t want to add that extra five – 10 pounds, or want to take it off quickly, limit the number of flavors you have in your meal.

According to research publicized by David Katz, M.D., of the Prevention Research Center and the Rudd Food Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University, “eating too many flavors all at once, triggering the hypothalamus in the brain to ask for more food” causes a person to eat beyond what his needs are.

All-you-can-eat buffets are NOT the place to be on a regular basis unless you have the discipline to stay to one area of the room, with the healthy foods, and even then, limit flavors.  If you don’t you’ll be able to graze the room for ages, loading up again and again.  I’ve never seen so many morbidly obese folks in one place as at those restaurants.  If they knew the secret, they’d stay away – it’s not that they’re hungry or don’t have control, it’s the flavor-variety!

This goes for a hamburger-chain meal – a burger with everything-but-the-kitchen-sink in it is deadly because the mix of flavors is too great, too addictive, and too high in calories.  Choose a burger with a larger patty and skip the fries, cheese and bacon at least.

So, at home, keep foods a little more simple to keep the pounds under control.  You’ll lose interest with a larger quantity of three foods in a meal.  If you stay close to fresh foods and not commercially packaged foods, you’ll solve most of your issues.  Watch out for foods that are loaded with both salts and sugars.

Dr. Katz’s information on sensory specific satiety is based on widely known research, which he has brought “mainstream.”

To lose weight the Herbalife way, concentrate on getting the amount of protein that you need (about half your body weight, in grams) from highly digestible protein sources and then fresh healthy main meal a day, but begin to cut back on serving size as your protein shakes and snack begin to control your overall appetite.

Higher-protein meals were shown, in research to decrease hunger more than lower-protein meals.

  • beware of too many flavors in packaged foods, including bars and breakfast cereals (salts and sugars)
  • choose high-protein meals
  • limit all-you-can-eat outings
  • simplifying home meal flavors will keep your appetite under control

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About Margo

Margo Linder has over 24 years experience helping clients (http://betterhealth-fast.com) gain better health with her products. She is a busy mother of ten (19 - 39) and grandmother of seventeen, who enjoys reading, sewing painting and interior design. Margo writes as if passing on bits of information to her very large family of children, their spouses and grandchildren - and anyone else who might be listening. She will explore how small life changes (tweaks) will make a huge difference to enjoyment of life and general well-being. The World Health Organization defines health in terms of complete physical, social and mental/psychological well-being. So this is about the "whole" person. She emphasizes that she is not a health professional or scientist, but offers food-for-thought from life experience, her health business and their scientists, her own research and common sense.
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