Eyes Need Good Nutrition

Like everyone else, I take lots of things for granted, and one of those things is my eyesight.  I cringe with guilt when I see someone who is blind and say a silent prayer to give them strength (and one to protect me from being tested in such a way, I’ll be honest).

But with aging and environmental factors, anyone is vulnerable to declining eye health and deteriorating eye sight.  Unfortunately, the condition usually comes out of left field, since most of us don’t want to admit we’re getting older.  Macular Degeneration is one of the major problems affecting aging eyes.

So, what can we do to extend the life of our eyes?  Feed them with great fruits and vegetables,  and try  our Ocular Defence Formula which includes Bilberry, known to

  • strengthen blood vessels
  • reduce inflammation, and
  • stabilize tissues containing collagen

Antioxidant nutrients, including the bilerry, and lutein, replenish substances that eyes use to maintain good health, and like all of our products, the combination of an herbal complex with nutrients provide the nutrition you need for your eyes to maintain their proper function.

I know that I couldn’t regularly eat the amount needed to ensure my good health, so I rely on the supplements, and every time I get my vision checked, I’m so happy that I’ve used the Herbalife vitamins for the last 22 years!

My younger sister had a scare with her eyes a couple of years ago – she was going for tests, big scare, she was naturally rattled at the thought of losing her vision like she was told.  I looked up the technical name for the diagnosis, and, as usual, my “tool belt” of nutritional supplements had something that I knew I could recommend to help her fight the problem.

I hear the same thing over and over … but I’d also heard about a two-year-old with a similar problem!!  This was when I first started using the products, back in 1988, and where the specialists could really do much for her sight, someone gave her our liquid children’s vitamin and her sight improved!

The research is out there for anyone to see; the right nutrition can help you keep the precious gift of sight, and the independence it gives us.  I think we then need to take out that little bit of insurance to protect those gifts.

Click here for video on eye-health foods.

Go to www.BetterHealth-Fast.com to order, and don’t forget that everyone can order at wholesale prices – just ask how.  Info@betterhealth-fast.com.

About Margo

Margo Linder has over 24 years experience helping clients (http://betterhealth-fast.com) gain better health with her products. She is a busy mother of ten (19 - 39) and grandmother of seventeen, who enjoys reading, sewing painting and interior design. Margo writes as if passing on bits of information to her very large family of children, their spouses and grandchildren - and anyone else who might be listening. She will explore how small life changes (tweaks) will make a huge difference to enjoyment of life and general well-being. The World Health Organization defines health in terms of complete physical, social and mental/psychological well-being. So this is about the "whole" person. She emphasizes that she is not a health professional or scientist, but offers food-for-thought from life experience, her health business and their scientists, her own research and common sense.
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