Communicating with Babies

Pre-verbal babies try hard to let us know what they want, but it sounds more like crying or screaming when

we don’t understand them.  Give them the ability to sign to you, and peace will be your reward.

Babies are so-o smart and now finally there’s an awesome tool to make raising them so much easier.   I’ve used signing with a few of our grandchildren, and it’s so fantastic to see frustration turn to happiness – like a light going on on his/her face.

Need a particular food?  Want water/milk?  Sleepy? Finished?  It doesn’t take much to break through to “eureka” when you try a few signs.  I’ve only use a few, but it’s made a big difference in the right situation.  If only we’d had the tool when we were raising our own kids!  I’m thinking I should learn a few more now that we have more grandchildren coming who are learning two languages from birth – what a gift to be able to communicate with them this way.  Our first grandchild has Down Syndrome, and signing was very helpful for a long time.  She’s ten now and is very smart; she started reading at 15 months and was able to point out the food she wanted from a list of words!  My wonderful daughter started the Love and Learning Program with her immediately and what a great thing that was!

In short, the benefits are:

  • You and your baby will become closer
  • There will be far less frustration when you don’t understand baby’s needs
  • Babies will talk sooner
  • It will boost their intellectual development

Go to Baby to see what’s available.

A professor of psychology at the University of California at Davis, and Susan Goodwyn, a professor of child development at the State University of California at Stanislaus wrote the book in 1996.   Joseph Garcia wrote Toddler Talk and Sign with Your Baby in 1994 and 1999 respectively.

Let me know how your experience with signing helped you as a parent.

Photo is of me with my first child, in 1971.

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