A healthy meal during difficult times …

We’ve been “on the road” the last five days, and I’ve found myself in vastly different situations saying the same thing about how to get a great meal that:

  • is easily digestible (no feeling like a balloon afterwards)
  • can be sipped like a smoothie (it really IS a smoothie)
  • can be varied hundreds of different ways
  • gives instant nutrition
  • is so handy – the true fast food!

I just happened to be witnessing three completely different people and situations within 24-hours, and it hit me – all over again – how marvelous this product is!

The first person:  with advancing prostate cancer now in his bones … medications are increasing and his appetite is decreasing.  His previously robust appetite is gone – the taste is gone, the throat is dry and he has jaw instability which makes chewing a problem.

My recommendation:  protein smoothies with small healthy snacks – but the Herbalife smoothie will have a lot of nutrition and will be soothing for his throat.  They can be made with everything from yogurt to milk to juices –  adding everything from ice cream to peanut butter to frozen and fresh fruit.  For a person who isn’t watching the scale – anything goes!  It’s a complete protein, with some vitamins, minerals, good oils and herbs.

The second person: is a new mom who is too tired to make a meal, not too hungry, but needs nutrition to breast feed a new infant.  Gone are the days of nausea, hello fatigue.  Make similar smoothies to “the first person’s,” but easier on the high calories, and focusing on the fruits with the highest anti-oxidants, like the berries – but banana, strawberries, yogurt, some ice – all great!

The third person: the dad works out in the bush, leaves early in the morning and stops at a donut shop every day to get his big coffee with triple sugar and cream, which somehow holds him until supper.  He says he’s not hungry at supper, but he’s gaining weight.  This is a classic case of someone ruining his metabolism (usually reserved for women) where the body isn’t burning calories because it doesn’t know when it’s going to be fed again – it’s starving for nutrients.

Solution:  a smoothie for the road instead of the daily deadly coffee.  Slowly cut back on the coffee-cocktail, because he’s basically addicted to it and the body will rebel.  Add protein, lots of it (about half the body weight) in a very digestible, lowest calorie and fat form including our yummy protein soups, so that muscle will be rebuilt and that muscle will burn the fat off.

It’s a process and it needs a little time and patience.  Men are quicker with this re-balancing act than women, but it will work for both.

In this last case, adding the multi-vitamin will help him get 100% of his nutrition daily, so his metabolism will kick in – he won’t be starving any more 🙂

Three different situations … I could add ten more immediately, but you get the idea, I’m sure.

Go to my site: betterhealth-fast.com and/or email me at info@betterhealth-fast.com for help on your lifestyle changes.

The protein in the smoothie –

Key Benefits

  • 20 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.
  • 9g of protein and healthy fiber help support weight management.
  • Includes the antioxidant vitamins C and E.
  • Contains Aminogen®†, plus bromelain and papain, to support protein digestion.
  • 0 cholesterol; 0 trans fat.

About Margo

Margo Linder has over 24 years experience helping clients (http://betterhealth-fast.com) gain better health with her products. She is a busy mother of ten (19 - 39) and grandmother of seventeen, who enjoys reading, sewing painting and interior design. Margo writes as if passing on bits of information to her very large family of children, their spouses and grandchildren - and anyone else who might be listening. She will explore how small life changes (tweaks) will make a huge difference to enjoyment of life and general well-being. The World Health Organization defines health in terms of complete physical, social and mental/psychological well-being. So this is about the "whole" person. She emphasizes that she is not a health professional or scientist, but offers food-for-thought from life experience, her health business and their scientists, her own research and common sense.
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