Disc Golf Alert

The popular sport of Disc Golf looked nastier after two stories emerged today involving my family in two different cities.

My son was picking up his own disc and was hit in the head by his friend who decided to take a practice throw.  My son saw the disc coming out of the corner of his eye, but he saw stars and blood before he could get out of the way!

The next day, other family members were playing in another city and an errant shot bounced off a stroller, narrowly missing a baby!

Playing on a course in Edmonton recently, we saw one group of stocky young men who were shockingly powerful with their throws and you wouldn’t want to dash into the path of one of their disks!  It makes me cringe to think of the times our small grandchildren ran around without a care during the game, so this is a “heads up” to watch the kiddies closely.

Bye the way … my son says that the Emergency Room doctor told him to put either Vitamin E or Aloe Gel to the

black eye and stitches to reduce scarring.  What a smart doctor – naturally my son had our ALOE GEL

on hand and is using it as directed!!


Here’s a nice little hole-in-one to inspire you to play, but he makes it look too easy!

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